Manufacturers and Exports of Surgical, Dental Instruments


JACKBILLY Enterprises

Manufacturers of  Surgical, Dental, Eye, Ear, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Veterinary, Sutrres, Microscopic, Goitre, Aural, nasal, Throat, Tonsil, Mougth, Plaster, and Neuro Surgery, Shears, Diagnostic, Anasthetic, thretre, Fracture, Ophthalmic, Laryngoligical, Laryngeal, Tracheotomy, Respirators, Oesophageal, Rhinology, Otology, Midwifries, Bladers, Rectal, Thruses, Evacuation, Urethral, Dermotological, Vaccination, Brounchitis, syrings, Inhallers, Hypodermic Syrings, Cupping, Insulator kettles etc. Instruments and many kinds of Scissors.

We feel pleasure to offer to the world new addition of our Products of Surgical and Dental Instruments since the JACKBILLY has established. We have provided our general manufacturers items. However we welcome the enquiries for other articles of the surgical trade providing the complete reference is provided.